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Kagoshima Wagyu Don

Home-made wagyu don with restaurant taste.

300g ITO A4 Grade Wagyu Steak
2 pcs of eggs
2 stalks spring onion – slice white part thinly, chop green part finely
3 pcs of thinly sliced garlic
2 tsp sliced truffles in oil
Japanese rice, cooked
3 tsp of Kikoman Less Salt Soy Sauce


1. Placed the cooked japanase rice in a bowl and put aside.

2. Warm the non-stick pan and pan-fried the wagyu steak.

3. Thinly slice the beef and put on top of the rice.

4. Use the remain oil from beef to fry the sliced garlic until crispy.

5. Put in the fresh eggs into boiling water for 3 mins.

6. Break the egg shell and put the soft-boiled egg in the center of rice.

7. Sprinkle the onion, truffles oil and soy sauce on top of the beef.