Celebrate this Mother's Day with BenMart


Mother's day promo

Show your love and appreciation with Le Chocolatier. They say chocolate helps the body generate serotonin, which is the happiness hormone that regulates the mood, reduces mood swings and that even prevents depression!! 
Happy Mum = happy us!

Le Chocolatier comes in 3 flavours; Creamy milk chocolate, Marble white chocolate with cookies and Waffles milk chocolate with Belgium waffles. At $1.50 per bar, usual price $2.50, you can get all 3 flavours and even a set for youself. It's a win-win situation!

Mother's day promo

For the Mums who love seafood, Haton frozen abalone is going at $29.90 per box. Each box contains pretty duo chrome shells that can be use for decoration or jewely making. Not only you will get a meal, you will have a stunning center piece for the dinner table too.
It's genius!

Mother's day promoMother's day promoMother's day promo

If ease is your thing, Haton canned abalone is your friend. Share your love of abalone with the one who deserve it more - your Mum! Throw out the myth that abalone is only eaten during Chinese New Year. Seriously, good food should be eaten all year round. By year round, we mean special occasions. So what are you waiting for? 

Mother's day promo

How about a fuss free dinner for Mum? Frozen pen cai is here to help! Thaw out the seafood and bring the sauce to a boil. Pour over seafood and you are done. Dinner is serve! You can even tell Mum that you make it from scratch, we won't tell! 

Mother's day promo

But that is not all! Spend at least $120 and we will throw in Orchard Fresh grape float for free!! 


P.s. Nominate for your Mum as Cowhead's Mother of the Year. Visit Cowhead Facebook page to find out more!


Promotion ends 10 May 2015. While Stoke last!