Chilled Beef

Are you craving some tender rib eye fingers? Do you want some delicious pieces of tenderloin for your next meal? If yes, you are in the right hands. We have the perfect chilled beef for you. We believe in providing exceptional products alongside offering a personal touch to them. Moreover, our experience in the industry provides us with adequate knowledge of what the perfect beef should be. And, we strive to make it the perfect way for you at all times. What is chilled beef? Are you tired of eating frozen food? Do you want a worthy alternative for the same? Then, chilled beef is the answer. It is the one when the temperature of the meat is rapidly cooled from its normal temperature to a refrigerated temperature. We ensure that we follow the right chilling process to retain the characteristics, tenderness and redness of the beef along with its nutritional content, taste and aroma when you cook them. Pan Fry them, bake them, deep fry them, steam them, boil them or add them to your sides, they will never let you down, especially when it comes to taste and aroma. The chilled beef we offer is perfectly prepared and processed to ensure that they reach your kitchen countertops in the best quality for you. How is it different from frozen ones? Did you know that frozen and chilled beef is different? Or were you thinking that they both are the same? Don’t worry; we will help you with that. When we consider the aspects of the food industry, meat is deemed frozen when you deep-freeze it or lower its temperature below -18 degree Celcius. On the contrary, chilled beef is the one where it is rapidly cooled from its manufacturing temperature down to refrigerated temperature levels ranging from 1 to 4 degrees Celcius. With us, you can get chilled beef which is filled with freshness and nutritional content as you would like. You can use them immediately without any waiting time or processing requirement. At Ben Foods (S) Pte Ltd, do not compromise on quality or flavour with the beef. Perfect for upcoming special occasions, dinner parties or family gatherings; get the premium bundles of chilled beef and have a blast. Ben Foods (S) Pte Ltd ensures that only the best gets served on your platters. Therefore, do not wait for more time; get the best beef from us.
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